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A coin minted exclusively for The Black Hart and her crew.  Each 2'' x 1/8'' coin is made of hand-stamped, aged, and polished brass with a hammer faceted edge. The Swabby mint is reserved for coins made by our apprentice smith (or the master smith sneaking into the rum...again). Typically traded by deckhands and galley workers. Each coin is unique, and is NOT accepted by most merchants or traders. A token given to new recruits or fellow pirates. Often shown as a marker denoting the owner as one accepting of the life of adventure and good fortune.



Misprints include: double strikes, smeared/missing text, ghosting, dents, etc.

These coins are touch-marked on the spade (tails) side to denote "Second" quality check

"Fac Vitam Tuam" (from spade side) translates to "Make Your Life"

Swabby Mint - Coin of the Black Hart

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